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January 16, 2020

How to choose a suitable grinding machine

Drill bit grinding machine is a kind of simple fool type grinding machine, which is used for industrial bit grinding.The bit worn in use can be grinder and repaired to achieve the effect of renovation and reuse. According to the different bit materials, different grinding wheels can be used to meet the repair requirements. How […]

January 15, 2020

Introduction of Drill Bit Grinder 20G

The drill bit grinder is suitable for grinding bit. This machine is portable, accurate and durable, equipped with diamond grinding wheel made in Taiwan. PG-20G type can be cutter grinding the front cutting edge (front angle) of the drill bit and the size of the apex angle (top angle), retract angle (back angle), the front […]

March 13, 2019

Several forms of wear by which a drill bit is worn

The drill bit is semi-closed cutting, and the heat of drilling is difficult to spread outward, so it is easier to form a high cutting temperature. Therefore, the main cause of bit wear is thermal wear, for high-speed steel bit, mainly phase change wear. In addition, there are contact fatigue, excessive deformation, edge breaking, brittle […]

March 6, 2019

Methods of drilling twist drill and points for attention

Drilling methods: Before drilling, the workpiece plane should be leveled. No convex platform is allowed in the center to facilitate the correct centering of the twist drill.  Align the tailstock so that the center of the twist drill is aligned with the axis of rotation of the workpiece. Otherwise, the diameter of the hole may […]

February 26, 2019

Selection of Cutting Fluid in Drilling

Selection of Cutting Fluid in Drilling   Material for twist drills Material to be drilled low carbon steel medium-carbon steel hardened steel High Speed Steel Twist Drill Use 1%~2% low concentration emulsifier, electrolyte aqueous solution or mineral oil Use 3%~5% medium concentration emulsifier or extreme pressure cutting oil Use extreme pressure cutting oil Cemented carbide […]