Purros Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been specialized in the research and improvement of tool and cutter grinder all the time for more than 10 years since establishment. All of products have passed the quality inspection precisely. We always believe that quality is the cornerstone of enterprise survival, and our products are trustworthy by the clients.

We help thousands of manufacturers to solve the problem of tool and cutter grinding, saving time and cost, and greatly improving their work efficiency. Under the clients’ trust, now, our products have been sold to the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and many other areas of world.

Product Line

We offer one stop all kinds of drill bit grinding solution, which likes a comprehensive drill ‘hospital’. We make re-sharpening drill bit easily.

  1. Universal Tool Grinder

    PG-600F Universal Tool Grinder, Scoring Blade Sharpening Machine, Grooving Cutter Sharpening Machine Manufacturer.

  2. Universal Cutter Grinder

    PURROS PG-U3 Universal Cutter Sharpener, Universal Graver Grinder, Graver Grinder, Graver Grinder Supplier, Graver Grinder Manufacturer, Graver Grinder Factory Price, Cheap Graver Grinder for Sale, Buy Quality & High-precision Graver Grinding Machine

  3. Drill Bit Grinder

    Drill Bit Grinder

  4. End Mill Grinder

    Buy End Mill Grinder

  5. Complex Grinder for Drill and Mill

    Industrial drill bit sharpener, Complex Grinder of Drill and End Milll, Multi-Purpose Grinder for Mill & Drill, End Mill Sharpening Machine, Drill Bit Grinder, PURROS PG-F4N Multi-Purpose Grinder, Cheap Complex Grinder, Complex Grinder for Sale, Complex Drill Grinder Manufacturer ,Complex End Mill Grinder Supplier

  6. Screw Tap Grinder

    Screw Tap Grinder, mini screw tap grinder, screw tap grinder for sale

  7. Lathe Tool Grinder

    grinding carbide lathe tools machine, Lathe Cutter ReSharpening Machine, lathe grinding machine for sale

  8. Saw Blade Grinder

    PURROS PG-Q10 Saw Blade Sharpener Manufacturers, Universal Carbide Circular Saw Blade Sharpener, Circular Saw Blade Sharpening Machine, Circular Saw Blade Grinder, Cheap Circular Saw Blade Grinding Machine

  9. Belt Sander

    Wheel Belt Grinder, Vertical Belt Sander, Wheel Belt Grinder for sale

  10. Grinder Attachment

    φ3-50mm Grinding Attachment 50K, 6 Jaw Chuck Grinding Attachment, Deep Hole Gun Drill Bits Grinding Attachment, Step Drills Grinding Attachment, Screw Taps Grinding Attachment, Chamfer Cutters Grinding Attachment, End Mills Grinding Attachment, Shafts Grinding Attachment, 50K Grinding Attachment Supplier, 50K Grinding Attachment Manufacturer, 50K Grinding Attachment Exporter, 50K Grinding Attachment Wholesaler, Cheap 50K Grinding Attachment for Sale, 50K Grinding Attachment Factory Price

  11. Grinding Wheel

Our Factory

Purros Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer that specialized in developing and producing small special purpose tool grinders(sharpener), precision machinery tools. Grinders have been sold to the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and many other areas of the world. Now, Purros Machinery Co.,Ltd. is proceeding from offline to online, to help more new and used machinerys understand us.

Purros Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

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Brief History of Our Company

August, 2018

Taizhou PURROS Machinery Co., Ltd. moved to the new factory, which is located in Binhai of Taizhou – (China-German Industrial Zone).

October, 2011

First Overseas Distributor

Start of  Overseas Markets Business

August, 2011

Taizhou PURROS Machinery Co., Ltd. is founded, which is a factory for the production located in Huangyan of Taizhou.

March, 2007

Taizhou PURROS Trading Co,. Ltd. is founded, launching sole entitlement foreign trade.

5000Designed Products
1200Served Clients
50Worldwide Distributors
5Covered Continents

Business Philosophy

Purros Machinery Co.,Ltd. upholds the business philosophy of “Sustainability, Growth and Excellence.”