January 10, 2019

How to select the material of drill bit?

According to the machining characteristics of the material, the drill bit is required to have the following characteristics: the hardness of the drill bit must be greater than the hardness of the workpiece to be processed. Because the bit bears a lot of torsion and axial force when machining the workpiece, it must have enough strength and toughness. Because the toughness of the processed material is good, the cutting edge is required to be sharp enough, so the tool material must have enough anti-wear ability, so as to reduce the processing hardening. Due to the high chemical characteristics of the workpiece, so the tool material and titanium alloy affinity to be poor, so as to avoid the spread of travel caused by sticking knife, drilling phenomenon. How to select the material of drill bit

How to select the material of drill bit?

At present, there are many kinds of materials suitable for cutting tools, including tool steel, hard alloy and superhard materials.

At first, a conventional high speed steel bit was used for post-coating testing. Ordinary high speed steel drill is cheap, when using coating technology, can significantly reduce the friction coefficient between the tool and the workpiece, improve the tool’s life. However, due to the high rotation speed of the machine tool, the strength of the drill bit used is not enough, and the drill bit is broken in the processing process, and the effect is not ideal.

Cemented carbide is a newly developed tool material suitable for roughing and finishing most materials, including steel, cast iron, special materials and plastics. For this reason, decided to adopt the concept of integrated cemented carbide bit comparison.

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