December 17, 2018

Nowadays, more than 70% of cutting tools used in machining are coated

The improvement of tool performance is directly related to tool coating and geometric parameters. From the cutting tools used in today’s machining, more than 70% of the cutting tools are coated. The application of tool coating not only plays a protective role on the tool, but also effectively promotes the improvement of tool matrix material properties.

Chemical Vapor Deposition, CVD diamond film, CVD diamond coated tools, CVD diamond coated cutting tools

Chemical Vapor Deposition, CVD diamond film, CVD diamond coated tools, CVD diamond coated cutting tools

Tool surface coating mainly has the following functions: can improve the anti-wear ability of the tool, effectively increase the service life of the tool; It can resist the wear of crescent depression and prevent the tool from forming chip tumor. Can effectively improve the quality of workpiece surface machining, improve the efficiency of machining.

Tool coatings are mainly divided into two categories, namely CVD coating and PVD coating. In the formal coating of the tool, it is necessary to do a good job of pre-coating the tool. Cutting tool surface treatment work, can make the coating and the surface of the tool better adhesion, not only make the coating and the adhesion between the tool matrix is stronger, and effectively reduce the cutting flow damage to the tool, reduce the incidence of micro-breakage. Good coating treatment can greatly improve the performance of cemented carbide tool, similarly, the coating has a good protective effect on the tool body. The hard coating on the cutter body can reduce the wear of the cutter body and contact with high temperature and cutting during high-speed movement. In addition, because of the coating on the surface of the cutter body, the lubrication strip is the smoother cutting flow generated by the processing in the chip holding groove. In addition, the tool’s front Angle, back Angle, chip groove shape, and other detail structure belongs to the category of tool geometry. Tool substrate material and coating defects, in many cases can use the geometric shape of the edge to make up for. Among them, the geometric groove of the cutter has the most obvious influence on the performance of the cutter, which should be paid special attention to.


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