November 19, 2018

Introduction of cutting tools for several European brands


SANDVIK cutting tools carbide blade manufacturer in the world

SANDVIK was founded in 1942 and belongs to Sandviken Group. The company is headquartered in Sandviken. It has the largest cemented carbide blade manufacturer in the world in Gimo, Sweden. SANDVIK has 73 subsidiaries or branches in more than 60 countries around the world. SANDVIK has 39 production bases, 3 central warehouses and 19 training centers worldwide.


  1. SECO

SECO Tools suppliers of comprehensive metal cutting solutions for milling non-indexing tools hole processing and tool holder systems

SECO Tools is one of the world’s largest suppliers of comprehensive metal cutting solutions for milling, non-indexing tools, hole processing and tool holder systems. SECO is headquartered in Fargos Kobita, Sweden. Currently, it has about 4100 employees in more than 75 countries. Over the past 80 years, SECO has provided more than just cutting tools for customers. SECO continues to develop tools, improve processes and provide services to help manufacturers improve productivity and yield.


  1. FIUDI

Since its establishment in 1959, FIUDI has been mainly engaged in the manufacture of CBN, PCD and natural diamond cutting tools. Based on the CAD-CAM technology, the company has developed a series of personalized PCD/CBN non-standard cutting tools. Products have been widely used in some special industries and the processing of specified parts. They have won considerable market in the fields of cylinder block and gearbox processing, engine piston processing, aluminum hub processing, motor rotor rectifier processing, ball valve copper spherical surface processing and so on.


Founded in 1959, DELFER is a Italian company that produces indexable tools. In 1983, DELFER began to specialize in cutting tools with carbide inserts. At present, DELFER products have been exported to Europe, North America and Asia.



From Switzerland’s high quality cutters, STELLRAM is the main metal cutting tool manufacturing company in ATI group. It has nearly 80 years history of making carbide tools. Its inventions in the field of cemented carbide tools have promoted the development of metal cutting tools. Especially good at machining hard metal materials. Such as high temperature nickel alloy, titanium alloy, precipitated immortal steel (PH immortal steel), hardened steel and ductile iron. It has outstanding performance in turning and milling threads.

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