October 29, 2018

How to sharpen large diameter drill bits with Universal Tool Grinder?

The dull or damaged large diameter drill bits will affect the progress of the work, and due to the higher hardness, larger diameter, and larger sharpened area of large diameter drill bit, generally for manual sharpening that necessary worker to sharpen it with more experience, today, we are talking about how to sharpen large diameter drill bits with Universal Tool Grinder automatically. Please reference in following:

PURROS PG-600 Universal Tool Grinder | universal tool and cutter grinder machine Manufacturer

PURROS PG-600 Universal Tool Grinder


Video of Sharpening Large Diameter Drill Bit

1st, please notice whether wear of main cutting edges of drill bit are different, if they are, it should be noted that some edges with larger wear, so there should be sharpened more than other edges.


2nd, the grinding wheel should rotate smoothly, the circumference should be smooth, and amount of run-out tolerance must be adjusted in larger.


3rd, if the seamed edge of the drill bit is worn out, which should be worn away, otherwise, there will get sticking drill bit and harsh sound.


4th, the force of blade grinding should not be too large, and often dip water cooling in grinding, to prevent overheating annealing and reduce hardness.


5th, Inspection, to compare with new one after grinding, but often use the method of eyeballing, to erect the cutting part of the drill bit upward with eyes facing upward, rotate 180 degrees a few more times, as the result shows symmetry.


6th, testing grinding, the sharpened drill bit should be tested, use after qualified.


(Notes: During the grinding, keep the main cutting edge level and a little more than the horizontal plane for passing the center of the grinding wheel)

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